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Several common standard of PCB
 1) IPC-ESD-2020: Electrostatic Discharge Control Program of the joint standard. Including electrostatic discharge control procedures necessary to design, build, implementation and maintenance. According to some military organizations and commercial organizations, historical experience, electrostatic discharge sensitive period for the processing and protection of the guidance.

2) IPC-SA-61 A: Semi-aqueous cleaning after welding handbook. Including half the water into all aspects of cleaning, including chemical, manufacturing residues, equipment, technology, process control and environmental and safety considerations.

3) IPC-AC-62A: After the water into a cleaning manual welding. Description of manufacturing residues, water into the type and nature of detergent and water into a clean process, equipment and processes, quality control, environmental control and employee safety and cleanliness of the measurement and determination of the cost.

4) IPC-DRM -4 0E: through-hole solder joints assessed Desktop Reference Manual. In accordance with the standards of the components, cell wall and the welding surface such as a detailed description of coverage, in addition to including the computer-generated 3D graphics. Fill tin covers, contact angle, wetting, vertical fill, pad coverage and a large number of welding point defect situation.

5) IPC-TA-722: Welding Technology Assessment Manual. Including all aspects of welding technology on the 45 articles, covering general welding, welding materials, hand-welding, bulk welding, wave soldering, reflow soldering, gas welding and infrared welding.

6) IPC-7525: Template Design Guide. Surface mount solder paste and adhesive for the coating design and manufacturing templates provide guidance i also discussed the application of surface mount technology, template design, and introduced with a through-hole or flip chip components? Kun Hop technology, including overprint, two Indian-style template design and stages.

7) IPC / EIA J-STD-004: needs a flux of specifications, including Appendix I. Including rosin, resin, etc. Specifications and classified, according to the flux in the halide content and activation levels in organic and inorganic fluxes; also includes the use of flux, with flux-free cleaning process the material and the use of low- residual flux.

8) IPC / EIA J-STD -005: demand for a solder paste specifications, including Appendix I. Lists the characteristics of solder paste requirements and specifications, including testing methods and standards for metal content, and viscosity, fallen powder, solder ball, solder paste viscosity and the wetting performance.

9) IPC / EIA J-STD -0 06A: electronic grade solder alloys, solder flux and non-flux solid specification requirements. For electronic grade solder alloys, as the rod, strip, powder and non-flux solder flux, solder for electronic applications, provision for special terms of electronic grade solder name, specification requirements and test methods.

10) IPC-Ca-821: General Requirements thermal binder. Including the components to the appropriate location of the thermal conductivity of adhesive dielectric requirements and test methods.

11) IPC-3406: Guide to conductive surface coating binders. In electronics manufacturing for the conductive adhesives as solder alternatives to guide the choice.

12) IPC-AJ- 820: assembling and welding manual. Includes assembling and welding inspection technology description, including the terms and definitions; printed circuit boards, components and pin type, solder materials, components, installation, design, reference and outline specification; welding technology and packaging; cleaning and mulching; quality assurance and testing.

13) IPC-7530: bulk welding process (reflow soldering and wave soldering) temperature curve guide. In the temperature curve for the use of various testing methods, techniques and methods to provide guidance for the establishment of the best graphics.

14) IPC-TR- 460A: wave soldering of printed circuit board troubleshooting list. For the possible failure caused by the wave soldering and recommended a revised list of measures.

15) IPC / EIA / JEDEC J-STD-003A. Printed circuit board welding test.

16) J-STD-0 13: foot ball grid array package (SGA) and other high-density technology. Printed circuit board to establish specifications for packaging requirements and the process of interaction required for high performance and high pin-count IC packaging interconnect information, design principles, including information, material selection, board manufacturing and assembly techniques, testing methods and based on the reliability of end-use environment expectations.

17) IPC-7095: SGA devices complement the design and assembly process. SGA for the device is being used or considered to form in this area array package for people operating a variety of useful information; for the detection of SGA and maintenance of the field of guidance and to provide reliable information on the SGA.

18) IPC-M-I 08: cleaning guide. The latest version of the IPC, including cleaning guidance products in the manufacturing engineers decided to troubleshoot when the cleaning process and help them.

19) IPC-CH- 65-A: printed circuit board assembly of the cleaning guide. The electronics industry has led to the emergence of cleaning methods and new reference, including a variety of cleaning methods are described and discussed, explain
Manufacturing and assembly operations in a variety of materials, processes and the relationship between pollutants.

20) IPC-SC- 60A: manual cleaning solvent welding. Given in the automatic welding and manual welding of the use of solvent cleaning technology, the nature of solvent, residue, and process control and environmental issues.

21) IPC-9201: Surface Insulation Resistance Handbook. Include surface insulation resistance (SIR) of the terminology, theories, test procedures and test methods, including temperature, humidity (TH) testing, failure mode and fault

22) IPC-DRM- 53: Introduction of electronic assembly Desktop Reference Manual. Used to illustrate the through hole and surface mount assembly technology icons and photos.

23) IPC-M-103: the standard surface mount assembly manual. That part includes all the 21 surface mount IPC documents.

24) IPC-M-I 04: standard printed circuit board assembly manual. Contains information about printed circuit board assembly 10 of the most extensive documentation.

25) IPC-CC- 830B: printed circuit board assembly in the electrical insulation properties and identification of compounds. Protection coating meet the quality and qualifications form an industry standard.

26) IPC-S-816: Surface mount technology process guides and lists. The troubleshooting guide lists encountered in surface mount assembly process for all types of problems and solutions, including bridging, missing solder, missing components arranged in such place.

27) IPC-CM- 770D: printed circuit board components installation guide. For the printed circuit board assembly of components ready to provide effective guidance and reviewed the relevant standards, influence, and distribution, including assembly technology (including manual and automatic, and surface mount technology and flip chip assembly ) and the follow-up welding, cleaning and coating process considerations.

28) IPC-7129: the number of failures per million opportunities (DPMO) calculation and printed circuit board assembly manufacturing index. For the calculation of quality-related defects and agreed industry benchmarks; it for dollars
Count the number of failures per million opportunities to provide a satisfactory benchmark method.

29) IPC-9261: Printed circuit board assembly and assembly production is estimated to occur per million opportunities for failure. Defines the calculation carried out in the printed circuit board assembly failures per million opportunities for the number of reliable methods, the various stages of assembly process is to assess the measure.

30) IPC-D-279: a reliable surface mount technology printed circuit board assembly design guidelines. SMT and mixed technology printed circuit board manufacturing process of the reliability of guidelines, including design.

31) IPC-2546: Printed circuit board assembly passed a combination of elements of the demand. Describes the material movement systems, such as actuators and buffers, hand placement, automatic screen printing, automatic distribution of binder, automatic surface mount placement, automatically place PTH, forced convection, infrared reflow oven and wave soldering.

32) IPC-PE- 740A: printed circuit board manufacture and assembly of the troubleshooting. Including printed circuit products in the design, manufacture, assembly and testing problems in the process of case records and calibration activities.

33) IPC-6010: PCB quality standards and Performance Series manuals. Association of the United States printed circuit board printed circuit board for all the development of quality standards and performance specifications.

34) IPC-6018A: Microwave finished printed circuit board inspection and testing. Including high-frequency (microwave) printed circuit board performance and qualification requirements.
35) IPC-D-317A: using high technology electronic packaging design guidelines. High-speed circuit design to provide guidance, including mechanical and electrical considerations and performance testing.

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